Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 9 - multiple free styling

Today I went for an audition, so I attempted to show my crowning glory in it's best light. As a result, I went through a number of different styles, including three at the audition itself. This was not necessarily showing off the versatility of the hair, but an increasing frustration of it not remaining still, and being untidy!

Initially, I had a sideswept top-section with loose ponytail, banded in two sections down my back.

After, the first portion of the audition, I attempted a double bun a la Princess Laya which looked ok to begin with, but during a particularly energetic exercise, fell out on one side, resulting in lopsided one up one down feel.

The double bun, twisted more tightly was the style I eventually maintained for going off to Battersea Arts Centre (But on reviewing the photograph, taken by the lovely Olga Leon in BAC's beautiful Grand Hall), I feel I shall never attempt this style again while my hair is this length. It's my most disappointing style so far! UGLY!

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