Tuesday, 22 January 2013


The morning of my third London audition in 2 weeks, and as I arrived into Victoria Coach Station at 6.20am to be greeted by temperatures of -2 degrees, I decided to be clever.

Maximising my 30p entrance charge to the toilet, I spent one and half hours primping hair and make up (both amusing myself and remaining warm). The results, I was very pleased with:

Might not look that impressive, but double plaits wound into each other to form a neat centrepiece were hard to get right. And my quiff, styled 5 times in order to get the perfect height without excess. Sidewys combed, double twist and pinned, and then fed round the back of the plaits and secured as if it originated from back there. Neat and tidy like - got me the job too!

Big Buns

Quite dark, but this was 2 thin side ponytails with the rest of the hair gathered in a large bun underneath. Bit boring, but kinda running out of inspiration. Must gird loins, and plunge on!

Nicole!! Papa??

Think the next style was a french twist with ends out on the top.

Here I am modelling it into the mirror in the Cineworld bar, photo courtesy of the brilliant 
Peri Ibrahim:

Lopsided plait

Lost track of what day is what as I have to catch up on so many...

Hmmm, judging by my phone chronology, I think the next photo was taken in Edinburgh with the lovely Andrew and Natalie.

A complicated plait, made up of two smaller plaits and a loose strand made for interesting texture: possibly the most successful 'do' yet. I really liked this one.

Rubbish - excuses

Confession: not only have I done it again, but I have missed 3 whole days!


Ok, in fairness I did have a mental wee run of it there... Went down to London for 11 hours, bagged a brilliant new job with a great wee theatre company and then went straight to work and then straight on to a TV/Film casting. Crazy... then lazy - day and a half off.

But, in honour of my own promise to myself, I shall make up these 3 days by edging into February.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 13 - Lucky for some

Am back home, installed in my wee hoose and happily all caught up on sleep.

As a result of not doing terribly much, I have created this swish up do. My favourite side parting has been refined with less hair making it slicker with less bulk. I've really incorporated the curls into the style and let the hair show me how it want to sit/fall. The high ponytail has been woven to a point and then pinned into the side, assisting with volume and preventing collapse through rigorous pinning.

(Now to clean this mirror, methinks!)

Day 12 - Classically tired

Turns out that styling your hair in the toilets of the bus depot, having had very little upright sleep on an over night coach can be a win.

Adopted a 40's inspired film star look today with twists in the side and a folded rather than rolled bun gathering at the back. Looked just the thing in the garage reception, no-one could tell (from my hair anyway, the yawning might have given me away)