Tuesday, 22 January 2013


The morning of my third London audition in 2 weeks, and as I arrived into Victoria Coach Station at 6.20am to be greeted by temperatures of -2 degrees, I decided to be clever.

Maximising my 30p entrance charge to the toilet, I spent one and half hours primping hair and make up (both amusing myself and remaining warm). The results, I was very pleased with:

Might not look that impressive, but double plaits wound into each other to form a neat centrepiece were hard to get right. And my quiff, styled 5 times in order to get the perfect height without excess. Sidewys combed, double twist and pinned, and then fed round the back of the plaits and secured as if it originated from back there. Neat and tidy like - got me the job too!

Big Buns

Quite dark, but this was 2 thin side ponytails with the rest of the hair gathered in a large bun underneath. Bit boring, but kinda running out of inspiration. Must gird loins, and plunge on!

Nicole!! Papa??

Think the next style was a french twist with ends out on the top.

Here I am modelling it into the mirror in the Cineworld bar, photo courtesy of the brilliant 
Peri Ibrahim:

Lopsided plait

Lost track of what day is what as I have to catch up on so many...

Hmmm, judging by my phone chronology, I think the next photo was taken in Edinburgh with the lovely Andrew and Natalie.

A complicated plait, made up of two smaller plaits and a loose strand made for interesting texture: possibly the most successful 'do' yet. I really liked this one.

Rubbish - excuses

Confession: not only have I done it again, but I have missed 3 whole days!


Ok, in fairness I did have a mental wee run of it there... Went down to London for 11 hours, bagged a brilliant new job with a great wee theatre company and then went straight to work and then straight on to a TV/Film casting. Crazy... then lazy - day and a half off.

But, in honour of my own promise to myself, I shall make up these 3 days by edging into February.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 13 - Lucky for some

Am back home, installed in my wee hoose and happily all caught up on sleep.

As a result of not doing terribly much, I have created this swish up do. My favourite side parting has been refined with less hair making it slicker with less bulk. I've really incorporated the curls into the style and let the hair show me how it want to sit/fall. The high ponytail has been woven to a point and then pinned into the side, assisting with volume and preventing collapse through rigorous pinning.

(Now to clean this mirror, methinks!)

Day 12 - Classically tired

Turns out that styling your hair in the toilets of the bus depot, having had very little upright sleep on an over night coach can be a win.

Adopted a 40's inspired film star look today with twists in the side and a folded rather than rolled bun gathering at the back. Looked just the thing in the garage reception, no-one could tell (from my hair anyway, the yawning might have given me away)

Day 11 - Quifftastic

My most adventurous style yet, inspired by London's couldn't care less eccentric street style.

I parted my hair at the base of my head and then pulled the two sections of hair round to the front to form one thick ponytail, secured at the very front of my hairline. I then folded the ends of this ponytail back off my face and pinned all over the back of head, creating a sort of bouffant or heavy duty quiff. Very 50's revivalist. Adventurous, not sure if I pulled it off, but enjoyed having a different shape and the illusion of having shorter hair again.

Day 10 - sideyweys

Simple Simon today, as I'm on a recall audition with not much time to prepare the hair.

Hair looking quite wooly after 2 and half days of coping with Central London, so a chunky side plait was all I could muster.

(Photo by Craig McClure, in the Clore auditorium at the Unicorn Theatre)

Day 9 - multiple free styling

Today I went for an audition, so I attempted to show my crowning glory in it's best light. As a result, I went through a number of different styles, including three at the audition itself. This was not necessarily showing off the versatility of the hair, but an increasing frustration of it not remaining still, and being untidy!

Initially, I had a sideswept top-section with loose ponytail, banded in two sections down my back.

After, the first portion of the audition, I attempted a double bun a la Princess Laya which looked ok to begin with, but during a particularly energetic exercise, fell out on one side, resulting in lopsided one up one down feel.

The double bun, twisted more tightly was the style I eventually maintained for going off to Battersea Arts Centre (But on reviewing the photograph, taken by the lovely Olga Leon in BAC's beautiful Grand Hall), I feel I shall never attempt this style again while my hair is this length. It's my most disappointing style so far! UGLY!

Day 8 = London baby!

Funny day this as I arrived into Victoria coach station at 6.20am. Due to lack of dressing/hairdressing space I maintained the Victory Rolls 'til I hit Tate Britain at 10.30.

The resulting style follows:

Slightly hard to make out, half up ponytail with buoyant curls, with remaining hair in very loose plait.

Hiatus Propeur

Ok, so I have a real excuse for the last 5 days... have been away in London for work. Had a fantastic time: felt able to experimented a bit with my hair as you can walk down the street with blue nose hair in London and no-one would bat an eyelid!

Will do the catch up entries in chronological order from this post.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Ok, inspired by some internet research last night, I've embarked on territory unknown...
The Victory Roll.

I'm not sure if I just haven't had enough experience at it (I did 3 attempts) or if I just have too much hair but they look a little different to the pictures and videos i was gathering last night. Hmmm, might just need some adjusting - they certainly needed no backcombing!


2 Victory Rolls with 2 pleated buns at the back. Mmmm, sounds like baked goods!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 6 - partaaaaay!

Today, Twelfth Night, is the lovely Mandy Sykes' birthday and so I took advantage of the occasion (and the fact I had no Christmas decks to pack away) to get all dolled up.

Spent a bit of time on this one.
I was inspired by the lovely Kirsty Worthington, one of the actors in my agency, as she often wears a similar style: I shall deem it the Worthington!

(Photo at the Butterfly and Pig Tearooms in Bath Street, with Mandy and Sharon)

Day five - organic

Hmmmm, well, today was the first real test of actually having to get up and go (as it was my first day back to my regular Saturday job). So, in true organic style, I worked with the day before and added to it. 

It's not rocket science but It's not actually cheating either.

I wrapped the already existing fishtail pony into a low bun and pinned hard. What can I say, it was reasonably neat and tidy for a reception shift. It might not go down in history but it did the job

(Again, very hard to self photograph)

Day 4 - not wholly a success

Was attempting a fishtail braid on this day, and added an old school eighties classic - that twist at the base of your ponytail. What on earth was that called? Answers on a postcard please.

Anyway, fishtail braid kind of looked a bit lumpy and was doing an interesting twist (which I will call adding texture). Not my best so far...

Discovering that one of the main problems about this challenge is to get photo's of my creations.
So day 3...

First time I have ever (in my adult life) combed my hair while it was dry (FUN FACT!)

This was the result, and those lumpy bits are knots if you must know...

I know, it's a bit weird, like a crazy merkin, or so one of my Twitter followers commented. I wouldn't know, having never seen a real merkin!

This was day 3's hairstyle. A side swept quiff with high bun. Looked quite nice but difficult to take a picture of myself!
Naughty Naughty... Have missed updating for a few days, though, to assure you, I haven't not been doing my hair! 
Catch up time...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ok, it's a bit of a cheat, but letting down the plaits, it looked really nice... 
So day 2, I salute you!

(Can't believe I started cheating already! Hahahaha!)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Today's style is a classic - takes a bit of time, but then, I have the time at this early stage in the month. (Not panicking about spending time on my hair when I get busy again!!)

Double french braids (one either side of my head) make for skinnier and more manageable plaits. It's taken me 15 kirby grips to keep the plaits wound round my head without any end sticking out. Looks very neat and tidy - a bit french. Overall, a favourite and worth the effort.